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Landing page creation cost
from 500
What is included:
  • Website prototype
  • Premium website design
  • Mobile version of the site
  • SSD hosting + Domain + SSL For 1 year
  • Content Management System
  • Connect with Google Analytics
  • Setting up corporate mail
Stages of creating a landing page
Preparing a technical specification

Brief, process logic, deadlines, budget

Creation a website prototype

Texts selling blocks, meanings

Unique page design

According to the agreed prototype

Adaptive layout

According to the agreed design

Testing and hosting a website

Order forms, logic, functionality

Website management training

Instruction how to work with a website

Additional services for your website
Website maintenance and support

Corrections, additions, improvements

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Setting up ads

Setting up, launching Google AdWords

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SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

according to Google requirements

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Landing page is one of the most powerful marketing tools that will help to hook visitors from the first second. However, landing page will work on your profit only when it was made correctly. If you want to increase your sales by landing page, just order the services from our company. 

For more than 8 years, a team of specialists has been creating ideal landing pages that clearly reflect the essence of the proposals and show the values ​​that customers will receive when contacting the company. 

Landing page creating: about the service 

Ordering a landing page from us means buying a selling page that tells about a product or service in an accessible and concise form. As a result of the work our professional team, you will receive applications or will be able to collect customer contact details. 

Our specialists use relevant and effective tools that help them create an effective landing page that can bring new customers to your company. 

Landing page creating involves: 

Original design.  We develop a unique design for your project, which is solving the main business problem – receiving applications, contacts and requesting information. Capable page design is helping to stand out favorably among competitors. 

Useful content. What the page is filled with directly affects the level of sales. We will make your text attractive and useful. 

Noticeable headlines. Colorful design, coupled with phrases that attract attention it is formula of success. We create effective calls to action. 

Focusing on increasing sales. Our specialists create landing pages that has a convenient structure and provides clear information. This means that the user will understand in just a few seconds that he has found everything he needs on the site.  

Conversion can reach 35%. 

To sum it up, you will receive a high-quality landing page that will perform several tasks at once: sales with a high CTR, collecting applications and e-mail subscribers and advert a promotion or special offers. 

Creating landing page is the best solution for your business! 

Many businessmen make mistakes trying to save money: they copy someone else’s landing page, use templates, try to “cram” a lot of unnecessary texts into a beautiful design. As a result, they receive a minimum number of customers. 

We suggest not to repeat such mistakes. If you want to maximize profits of your business, the best option will be creating a landing page from scratch, paying attention to the needs of the company and the characteristics of the product or service. 

Turnkey landing page development includes: 

Diving into a niche. Experts study the field of activity in order to know all the nuances. 

Analysis of competitors. It is important to understand why they are better than you now, and how to make it the other way around. 

Determination of the target audience. You need to understand what your unique selling proposition is and who it is aimed at. 

Development of the structure and concept of the selling page. Experts determine in what style the landing page will be, what blocks on the page will be, what they are about, what is their order, etc. 

Responsive layout. Your site will be conveniently viewed not only from a computer, but also from mobile devices. 

SEO preparation of the site. It involves optimizing the landing page for search engines. This allows you to get better traffic. The trust of visitors to sites in the TOP is higher than to advertising. 

Landing page creating: how much does the service cost 

The price of developing a landing page in our company starts from 500 GBP. 

For this money, you will receive not only a functional selling site, but also SSD hosting + domain + SSL for 1 year. We also installing Google Analytics and setting up corporate mail. 

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