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The cost of creating a corporate website
from 1300
What is included:
  • Website prototype
  • Premium website design
  • Mobile version of the site
  • SSD hosting + Domain + SSL For 1 year
  • Content Management System
  • Connect Google Analytics + targets
  • Setting up corporate mail
  • Technical SEO Optimization
  • Website Protection
Stages of making a business website
Preparing a technical specification

Brief, process logic, deadlines, budget

Creation a website prototype

Texts selling blocks, meanings

Unique page design

According to the agreed prototype

Adaptive layout

According to the agreed design

Testing and hosting a website

Order forms, logic, functionality

Website management training

Instruction how to work with a website

Additional services for your website
Website maintenance and support

Corrections, additions, improvements

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Setting up ads

Setting up, launching Google AdWords

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SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

according to Google requirements

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Making a website for business 

Business website or a corporate website is a multi-page online platform, which created to present information about the company in the most complete and understandable way and attract new customers. If you want your corporate website to become an effective sales channel and to help increase brand awareness, it’s better to entrust development to professionals 

Our company has been creating corporate websites in London for over 8 years. We developing sites which are functional, user-friendly and stylish and we are ready to develop a unique product for you too. 

About the service of making a business website: 

The company’s own online platform is a powerful tool for promoting business. We recommend ordering this service for: 

private entrepreneurs who want to expand the circle of potential customers; 

enterprises which aim is increasing the sales of goods and services; 

banking and legal structures that need to communicate with their clients 

By ordering creating of business website, you can: 

Collect and provide all information about the brand, goods and services in one place. 

Collect and provide all information about the brand, goods and services in one place. 

Present your company online and create a positive image for your customers 

Increase the loyalty of potential clients. 

Increase the geography of sales. 

Increase sales volumes through the emergence of a new distribution channel and achieve other goals. 

Turnkey website for business 

Buying a ready-made platform for doing business does not always bring the desired results, but creating a turnkey business website from scratch allows the company to be ahead of competitors, win more customers and earn a good reputation. 

The secret of the turnkey website is that it is unique and fully meets the customer’s requirements.  
It has an original design, filled with useful and interesting materials and optimized for promotion. 

Development of a turnkey business website includes: 

Creation of the corporate style on which the page design will based. It can be a concept of the client’s choice or an exclusive option which made from scratch. 

Elaboration of the content structure, taking into account the terms of reference. 

Connection to a reliable control system. 

Layout of pages for different browsers. 

Preparation and connection of the necessary modules for communication with consumers (catalog, search, news, photo gallery, online application form). 

Filling with textual and graphic information. 

Creation of e-mail and e-mail addresses. 

Installation of statistics counters. 

Creating a corporate website: how the price is formed 

Development of a corporate website requires the active work of a whole team of professionals (programmer, project manager, web designer, layout designer, content manager, SEO specialist and others), so the price cannot be low. Our company offer a making website for business from 1300£. 

The cost of creating a corporate website is calculated according to the following criteria: 

design of the home page and other pages; 

the need to develop prototypes; 

layout and adaptation for mobile devices; 

translation into HTML format of design layouts; 

setting up static pages, menus; 

integration of the control system; 

ways to customize technical modules; 

volume of information filling. 

For the price you pay, you will get a quality, responsive website that will help you promote your business on the Internet. 

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